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Jan 16, 2013 5:00pm PST
sunday's game in atlanta they also took a trip down memory lane. jim harbaugh redecorated the locker room with pictures of players from high school days but there was one missing. >> they didn't have the internet back in 1982 that i'm aware of. >> i believe my picture was taken in california i look kind of mad because i don't know why in the world who is [ indiscernible ] so they say ricky let's take a picture. i wasn't smiling. >> i figure in my day i was a fantastic player. but for some reason, just people couldn't see it. you know? college scouts and the pundits just for some reason did not see it. >> laughing because everybody was basically driving around the whole locker room looking at who's who. you had to dig up a picture -- we was saying 1980 because that picture is black and white so we climbed him the most because his picture is in black and white. >> now, what this is, is jim harbaugh taking a page out of bill walsh's playbook and that is to make sure the team is not on edge there's no anxiety. they are just having fun, they are loose,
Jan 21, 2013 5:00pm PST
seller. >>> it is a tale of two brothers in the upcoming super bowl jim harbaugh going up against his older brother john. sports director dennis o'donnell taking a look at the sibling rivalry. this is the ultimate. >> this is actually brother act ii. the first came in the regular season last year dominated by john's ravens 16-6. jim raven 16-6. what you will find in the next two weeks is that jim is more colorful than john and neither wants to talk about it. >> we have to prepare, no matter what relationship you have with somebody on the opposed side you're trying to beat them. that will be my approach. >> can we forget about that stuff. we did that last year. it got old last year right. >> every moment that you're talking about myself or john, that's less time that the players are going to be talked about. >> we had a few drinks. we had a few fights. we had a few arguments like all brothers. we were trying to stay out of that business. we will let the two teams duke it out. >> we haven't spoken. couple texts. can't imagine it will be much more
Jan 14, 2013 5:00pm PST
harbaugh thinks his brother jim is the best coach in the nfl and will they be in the super bowl? will it be a family affair? simply put if the 49ers and ravens meet this weekend they will meet in the super bowl. they led their teams to the suspective conference championships and it gets better. on the harwoods, their brother law tom has the indian hoosiers ranked second in the nation. who has it busier than the harbaughs? >> they have one of those days where indiana beat minnesota in the big basketball game and then they watched john's game and, you know, exciting thrilling winning game for the ravens and then hour game. so my parents are in their 70s. [ laughter ] >> that's a lot of excitement. that's a lot of action. and, you know, that's like going back to back to back like three "24" episodes in a row. that's not easy. >> now, here's a little dose of reality. the 49ers are four point favorites in atlanta. but his brother team the ravens are 10-point underdogs in new england. >> we saw what the underdogs did this weekend. >> thank you.
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
illustrated." check it out. even jim harbaugh has been relegated to warmup act. the 49ers head coach has created a monster and there's not a defense in the league who seems to know how to stop him. the 49ers meet be on the road but vegas has him at four point favorites, as for the big stage of the nfc championship, bring it on. >> just show everybody what we've -- who we are, you know? [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] >> last year going into it we didn't know what to expect. not many of us had been in the play-offs previously. and, you know, we got in there, the intensity was a little bit more than what we expected. we adjusted. we played well both the saints and we went out there against, you know, the new york giants and we didn't take care of business. we didn't understand the magnitude of the moment. >> well, i think they understand the magnitude of it now. we have coverage for you when it comes to 49ers fever and allen coming up at 6:00, the former 49ers head coach mike nolan is the defensive coordinator for the atlanta falcons and has very muc
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4